Gamify Anything...!

Easily introduce gamification features into your existing project. Use our headless, platform-agnostic service so you can enjoy the many benefits of gamification, e.g., improving your application's user experience, user engagement, and user retention.

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Gamification...made easy

Here's a little sampling of what r4nkt provides out of the box:

  • Easy to Start

    Sign up online in moments, take advantage of a free trial, no credit card required. Always-improving documentation is available to guide you along the way.

  • Gamification Resources

    Create and use the gamification resources that you know, along with a few that might be new to you.

  • Reliable Infrastructure

    With a serverless AWS-based infrastructure, you can rest assured that your data and our service is highly available, dependable, scalable, and secure.

  • Prioritized Privacy

    Your privacy as well as the privacy of your users matters to us. When you use r4nkt, you can do so knowing that none of your users' personal data will be tracked, neither will any of your data will be sold to 3rd-parties.

  • Always Up to Date

    Enjoy free updates and new features as they become available as well as infrastructure and security updates.

  • Flexible Admin Options

    Manage your resources via our API or use our "beautifully designed administration panel"...or both!

  • You are a Priority

    As our customer, you are valued. We try to show this through customer support and a willingness to listen to your input.

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