Are you ready to try r4nkt?

Do you want to gamify your app? Are you interested in taking r4nkt out for a test drive?

Are you interested in gamifying one of your apps or projects...?

R4nkt is ready to be opened up to a few people who are in a position to "kick its tires", so to speak. We are hoping for feedback that will help us iron out wrinkles, address any unforeseen pain points or missing functionality, and determine near-future feature development.

What is r4nkt...?

R4nkt is a drop-in gamification service that is meant to be used via API. It is platform-agnostic and looks to handle as much of the heavy lifting of gamification as possible, currently supporting many common gamification features that will add value to your application.


Some of its high-level features include:

  • Platform-agnostic: Once a r4nkt game is created, it can be managed and used via API from any platform that can make HTTP requests.
  • Standard gamification resources: Define your own achievements and the actions and criteria required to earn them. Create and use different kinds of leaderboards for different purposes.
  • Quality of life improvements: Features like reactions and achievement stacks aim to improve the quality of life for r4nkt developers.
  • Flexible admin options: Use the API or our Laravel Nova-based GUI admin tool.
  • Secure: All connections are secure and data is protected.
  • Respects privacy: R4nkt does not collect your users' personal data.

Tech stack

For those interested, r4nkt has been built using the following tech stack:

Current status

The API has been thoroughly tested locally and is currently used in one small real-world application that is itself in its early stages of development. So far, things look good, but we would like to take r4nkt to the next level and open it up to several more applications that will further test its capabilities and help us see what's missing, if anything.

Much of the documentation is in place and a PHP SDK is currently under development. These are works-in-progress that will continue to be updated and improved as development and feedback dictate.

What will it cost...?

Pricing has not yet been determined, but we anticipate starting out with two or three subscription tiers with the cheapest tier priced at around USD 10 or 15 per month. Annual subscriptions will likely be discounted and there are no plans for a free tier.

We anticipate the main distinctions between tiers will be API rate limits, maximum player limit, data retention, or nesting levels (related to triggered actions and nested criteria groups). We do want to keep things as simple as possible, however, whatever the case.

Developers selected to work with us through the alpha/beta phases will not be expected to pay, of course, and we plan to give at least one month's notice before we begin to charge for the service.

What's the plan...?

We have reached out to some developers that we know and will post information on a few different social platforms with the hopes of generating a little interest. We hope to attract a small handful of developers who are genuinely interested in introducing gamification to their applications and who are willing to work with us over the next few weeks or months, providing feedback and helping us to make sure r4nkt is ready to go to the next level.


So...if you're interested, please go to our home page and register your email address with us or let us know via Twitter. We will be in touch with you after that.

Thanks...! We're looking forward to working with you.