Introducing Player Time Zones

We recently added player time zones. Read more to learn how this can help you.

Player Time Zones ?

Last week we introduced a new attribute on your player resources: time zone. This allows you to specify what time zone your individual players are in.

How does this help me? ?

As you may already know, r4nkt provides a small-but-growing collection of criteria conditions. These provide you with ways of filtering player activities before your criteria are checked. Many of these are date- or time-related. Since your players are not always in the same time zone, then there could be issues when defining your achievements' criteria.

Consider, for example, that you want to define an achievement called "Burning the Midnight Oil". You want to award it to your players when they close a sale between the hours of midnight and 3 AM. You can use the betweenHours criteria condition to specify the window of time, but what do you do when you have players in different time zones?

The problem is that when it's between midnight and 3 AM in Sydney, Australia, it's not between midnight and 3 AM in most of the rest of the world. So, without knowing what time zone your individual players are in, r4nkt would have no way of knowing when the criteria for "Burning the Midnight Oil" have actually been met.

The solution, then, is to assign each player's time_zone attribute the value that corresponds to their time zone. Once this data has been submitted, then r4nkt will take this into account when processing each individual player's activities. This allows you to define your achievements in terms that are more consistent and meaningful to each of your players, regardless of where they are in the world. ?

What do they look like? ?

We use time zones from the tz database.

Here is a list of some common or recognizable time zone values: ?

  • Europe/Copenhagen
  • Europe/London
  • America/New_York
  • America/Los_Angeles
  • Asia/Tokyo
  • Australia/Sydney

This was just a sampling of the full list.

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