Choose what works for you

Flexible Admin Options

Manage your resources via our API or use our "beautifully designed administration panel"...or both!

Use our API
R4nkt was built from the ground up to be able to be used via API. You can perform all CRUD operations on your game resources via API. Among other things, this allows you to store your resource definitions in your VCS and set it in r4nkt programmatically any time during your development life cycle.
Use our admin panel
With r4nkt, you have the option of using our admin panel, which is powered by Laravel Nova, "a beautifully designed administration panel". It provides a lot of common features that you might be accustomed to in other GUI-based aministrative tools. We have added and will keep adding filters, metrics, and custom tools to continually improve your r4nkt experience.
Quality of life improvements
Whether you choose to use our API or our admin panel, we will continue to do our best to introduce new and different ways to make your life easier when it comes to using r4nkt. For example, intuitive defaults on resource creation and automatic scaffolding for oft-repeated operations.