There's no r4nkt without you

You are a priority

As our customer, you are valued. We try to show this through customer support and a willingness to listen to your input.

We hear you
It is clear to us that your thoughts on how r4nkt can help bring value to you and your customers are important. As such, we will listen to you and take your feedback -- positive and negative -- seriously.
Customer support
We know how frustrating it can be to be stuck when trying to set up or use a service...or when things don't work as expected. This happens sometimes and we will do our best to help you if and when you find yourself in such a situation.
We feel your pain
We realize that you might use r4nkt in a way that we didn't anticipate and that you may find difficult. When this happens, we want to work with you to try to find a positive way to address these pain points.
You help guide feature development
As our customer, we want to meet your needs and wants when it comes to gamification. Listening to you plays a very large role in determining which features we focus on and how those features look.