How does r4nkt work?

Read along to find out how you can get up and running with r4nkt.

Sign up

There is no way to take advantage of r4nkt without first signing up. Even if you're not 100% sure if r4nkt is the right gamification solution for your project, register and take advantage of the trial period to get a better feel for how r4nkt works.

Create a user account

It's a piece of cake to create a new account with r4nkt. Simply enter your name, email address, and password. Once you've accepted the terms and conditions, then your new account will be registered. R4nkt does require email verification, so keep an eye out for an email with an email verification link and instructions.

No payment required

It doesn't cost anything to get started. Nor are you required to provide any kind of payment information like your credit card details.

Try it out

Take advantage of the trial period to try out the service and get a better feel for how it works and what it can do for you, your project, and your users. At the end of the trial period, you can decide to continue by subscribing to one of our plans or you can decide to do nothing. No worries. It's your choice.

Define your resources

This might very well be the part of the process that takes the most thought and time. This is where you need to consider your project, aka your game, and your users, aka your players. You need to decide what kinds of things your players can do, what kinds of achievements you'd like, and anything else that might make your game more interesting. Then, you can use r4nkt's API or admin GUI to create and define your resources.


R4nkt is driven by your players' actions. You decide what your players can do within your game and then you let r4nkt know whenever your player performs one of these actions. Before you can report player activity, though, you need to register all of your interesting actions within r4nkt.


Achievements are one of the core aspects of gamification. It's your job to come up with interesting, fun, useful achievements for your players. You define them in r4nkt and specify the different criteria required for a player to earn each one.


Using a combination of criteria, criteria groups, and criteria conditions, you can define simple or complex criteria that are required to earn achievements.


A new game always comes with a default leaderboard. But, perhaps you want to change how it works or add a custom leaderboard.
Define your resources

Connect with r4nkt

This is where all of the action takes place. You have set up your gamification resources, so now you need to connect your project to r4nkt. This allows your project and r4nkt to communicate with each other. Using r4nkt's API, you will do things like report your players' activities or submit scores to custom leaderboards. When player activities are reported, r4nkt gets to work to figure out if any achievements have been earned. If so, then you will be notified via webhook.

Tap into our API

R4nkt is a service that is primarily accessed via API. The API is used to administer your resources, if you like, to report player activities, and to query leaderboards or rankings. Consult the documentation to see how to talk to r4nkt and consider using one of the available SDKs or packages.

Set up your webhook

In order for r4nkt to notify your game when something interesting happens, like when one of your players has earned a badge, you need to set up your game webhook.

Sit back and relax

Once everything is defined and connected, then there's not really anything else that needs to be done. Your project has been gamified and should simply work. You can, however, use the admin GUI to view metrics to see if there's anything interesting or you can add new actions and achievements as you see fit.

Study your players

R4nkt's admin GUI has made some metrics available that can help you gain insight into your players and your project. We anticipate adding more metrics over time. You can also query your data to analyze using 3rd-party tools.

Add more

For a variety of reasons, you may want to build out your gamification functionality. As your project changes or as your imagination grows, you may want to introduce new achievements, for example. Or, perhaps, you may want to incorporate new features when they become available.
Sit back and relax